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Maintenance Engineer

at Hilton Woodland Hills/Los Angeles

Posted: 7/8/2019
Job Status: Full Time
Job Reference #: 598e5231-e176-40e5-aa54-51ded926eea9
Keywords: electrical

Job Description


  1. Ability to understand Guests’ service needs.
  2. Ability to be well organized, maintain concentration and think clearly when providing service to Guests.
  3. Ability to focus attention to performance of tasks despite frequent, stressful or unusual interruptions.
  4. Ability to converse calmly with irate Guests’, co-workers or supervisors in sometimes tense situations.
  5. Ability to perform job functions with minimal supervision.
  6. Ability to work cohesively with co-workers and other departments as part of a team.
  7. Ability to analyze reports and numbers. Work does involve extensive reading and visual inspection of written materials at close range.
  8. Ability to follow supervisor’s instructions.
  9. Ability to arrive at work on time in full uniform prepared with tools and all equipment needed for service. Clock in and out; sign in and out for each shift.
  10. Ability to keep work area clean and neat, free from dust and litter.
  11. Ability to adhere to all hotel policies and procedures
  12. Ability to adhere to all safety and emergency policies and procedures.
  13. Position requires basic skills in the following:
  14. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

                                                   i.      Heating systems

                                                  ii.      Ventilation systems

                                                iii.       Air conditioning systems

                                                iv.      Chiller/boiler controls

                                                 v.      Expansion tanks and make up systems

                                                vi.      Cooling towers

                                              vii.       Supply fans

                                             viii.        Fan coil units

                                                ix.      Refrigerators & Walk In Boxes

                                                 x.      Ice makers

                                                xi.      Dryer systems

                                              xii.       Condenser loops

  1. Electrical

                                                   i.      Troubleshoot

                                                  ii.      Equipment controls

                                                iii.       Maintain in safe condition all power distribution and electrical systems throughout hotel

                                                iv.      Applicable codes

                                                 v.      Read schematics and blue prints

                                                vi.      Set up electrical systems for guest functions

                                              vii.       Install conduit runs

                                             viii.       Generator transfer switch

  1. Mechanical

                                                   i.      Motors

                                                  ii.      Pumps

                                                iii.      Exhaust fans

                                                iv.      Laundry Equipment

                                                 v.      Chillers

                                                vi.      Boilers

                                              vii.      Machinery (large & small)

                                             viii.      Related equipment

                                                ix.    Generators

                                                 x.    Read and understand blueprints

  1. Plumbing

                                                   i.      Weld

                                                  ii.      Braze

                                                iii.      Solder

                                                iv.      Assemble piping

                                                 v.      Applicable codes

                                                vi.      Water treatment and related chemicals

                                              vii.      Water distribution and balance

                                             viii.      Read and understand blueprints

  1. Pneumatic/Electronic Systems & Controls

                                                   i.      Compressors

                                                  ii.      Relays

                                                iii.      Receiver controllers

                                                iv.      EMS computers

                                                 v.      EMS modules & field wiring

                                                vi.      Adjustment and calibration of controls, stats and devices

                                              vii.      Flow restrictors

                                             viii.      Related test equipment

                                                ix.      Direct digital

                                                 x.      Read and understand blueprints

                                                xi.      Failure modes

  1. Carpentry & Finish Skills

                                                   i.      Rough & finish carpentry

                                                  ii.      Laminate

                                                iii.      Drywall/Taping/floating

                                                iv.      Tile (ceramic, quarry, VCT, marble)

                                                 v.      Wall Vinyl

                                                vi.      Carpet

                                              vii.      Furniture touch up & repair

                                             viii.      Painting

  1. Kitchen Equipment

                                                   i.      Dish machines

                                                  ii.      Steamers

                                                iii.      Boilers

                                                iv.      Warmers

                                                 v.      Ansul/fire suppression systems

                                                vi.      Urns

                                              vii.      Choppers

                                             viii.      Mixers

                                                ix.      Kettles

                                                 x.      Ovens

                                                xi.      Kitchen exhaust systems

  1. Vehicles

                                                   i.      Maintain vehicles in a safe and comfortable manner

                                                  ii.      Schedule & perform preventive maintenance on vehicles

  1. Energy conservation

                                                   i.      Chiller efficiency

                                                  ii.      Boiler efficiency

                                                iii.      Cooling tower efficiency

                                                iv.      Plate & frame theory

                                                 v.      Chart & graphic utility consumption

                                                vi.      Application of VFD’s

                                              vii.      Lighting efficiencies

                                             viii.      Lighting controls

                                                ix.      Programming of EMS

  1. General Building

                                                   i.      Roofing inspection, P.M., and repairs

                                                  ii.      Asphalt and concrete repairs

                                                iii.      Masonry repair

                                                iv.      Landscape and grounds

                                                 v.      Siding and façade (coatings, caulking, inspections)

                                                vi.      Interior and exterior recreational facilities & equipment.



  1. Guest Rooms: plunging toilets, unclogging drains, repairing all types of hardware, plumbing, electrical equipment including lamps, air conditioners, cosmetic items, replacing electrical switches and outlets, assisting with high speed internet problems, HVAC problems and programming TV’s.
  2. Public Areas: plunging toilets, unclogging drains, repairing all types of hardware/plumbing/electrical/HVAC equipment and cosmetic items.
  3. Fire alarm/Life safety system: monitor systems as necessary, to be fully informed of the system operation and to handle emergencies involving the systems. To have a working knowledge of fire sprinkler and emergency power systems.
  4. Energy Conservation: to observe energy and utilities usage in the hotel and on the grounds.To look for ways to conserve energy and report any ideas to Engineering Management.
  5. Tools: clean, lubricate, protect and otherwise maintain all tools and equipment in the hotel. To see that all tools used are returned to the shop and secured in proper storage area. To protect and otherwise maintain your assigned tool pouch and its tools at the discretion of the Engineering Management.
  6. Emergencies: Be available for any emergencies and act in and engineering capacity to protect our guests and associates and preserve the building and its systems during the emergency. To act as quickly and responsibly as possible to return the building to its normal operating status. To inform Engineering Management of any such emergencies.
  7. Accident Prevention and Safety: to strive to work in an accident free manner and to create a safe work environment for others. To continuously look for conditions which may endanger associates or guest of the hotel and to take immediate action to correct any hazardous conditions found.
  8. Records: to read, log, track and interpret reading from meters, gauges and other measuring units. To maintain a thorough log of each day’s activities and problems that occur and to ensure this information is passed on to other shifts.
  9. Departmental Duties: to clean all engineering areas as directed by Engineering Management. To work in a neat and efficient manner, keeping work areas clean and well organized. To serve as otherwise directed or needed to help maintain the effective and efficient operation of the hotel.
  10. General: Complete all work assigned in a safe and professional manner. Maintain communications with supervisors to ensure that all needed materials, tools and supplies are available or on order. Follow up on any items that may be on back order. Keep supervisor updated on assignments. Provide training and technical advice to other engineers as needed or requested.
  11. Conducts room preventative maintenance on all hotel rooms, buildings and equipment.
  12. Responsible for swimming pool and spa maintenance.
  13. Assist guests as required.
  14. Assist with security and safety checks for the property through visual checks.

Competitive medical benefits after 60 days of employment! PTO/holiday pay, 401k ER match, free lunch meal provided and great hotel travel


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